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We are a specialist consultancy that focuses on the health condition of physical assets.

About Us

At GAA Optima, we view an efficiently managed asset as a sign of a reliable enterprise. 

With over 20 years of experience, GAA Optima can guide you to optimise your asset management process. 

Our knowledge and skills were applied in a wide range of industries and helped enhance the condition and value of various assets.

We help you answer important questions about your business assets.

Do you know your asset's capability and potential?

GAA Optima can help you identify your asset’s actual capability and efficiency level as well as aiding you to unlock your resources output potential.

Do you know the health condition of your assets?

With long experience in Condition Monitoring, GAA Optima can perform assessments on all types of machinery and facilities to understand the current health, potential efficiency and forecast possible risks and failures.

Are you confident it will serve the intended duration?

Our extensive expertise can support you in analysing the root causes of the asset health concerns and irregularities to avoid failures and downtime and to improve asset availability and reliability.

Is your asset being managed efficiently?

We can guide you to establish efficient and precise maintenance processes and techniques.

Have you considered Predictive Management methodology?

We believe it is time to be more proactive about your assets and understand the real state of your physical asset condition

The Value of

Predictive Asset Management

Predictive Asset Management is a proactive regime of asset management that enables the business to forecast the asset condition and plan accordingly. 

By utilising the Predictive Asset Management methodology, GAA Optima will support you in producing an informative forecast or current condition report.

For this purpose, GAA Optima combines various techniques and technologies that include, but not limited to:

  • Asset Data Analysis
  • Risk Assessment Studies
  • Latest available technologies for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) along with the industry’s best practices in physical asset management and in line with ISO 55000.

To appreciate the purpose of Predictive Asset Management, click here.

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